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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy can help children with autism improve their communication skills, including speech production, language comprehension, and social communication. These skills are crucial for children to participate fully in social interactions and academic settings.


At ABA & beyond LLC, we work closely with Speech Therapists to ensure that our clients receive evidence-based practices that address their individual needs. By integrating ST services into our treatment plans, we can help children achieve their goals and communicate more effectively. We understand the importance of providing comprehensive services to our clients. One important service that complements ABA therapy is Speech Therapy (ST).


Our services include private consultations with both ABA and ST professionals, allowing us to provide personalized support for our clients and their families. We also prioritize parent training, ensuring that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to support their child’s communication development outside of therapy sessions.


We believe that by offering a comprehensive approach to treatment that includes both ABA and ST services, we can help children with autism achieve greater success and lead more fulfilling lives.